Automatic lines

Updated: 10.02.2017 18:43:53

Year: 1997

Location: Ohio United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

ID #: 349281 Brand: SALVAGNINI Model: S4-P4 Type: Punching & Shearing Cells Condition: Good Year: 1997 Control: CNC (Salvagnini Syscon ) Seller: Show me who the seller is... Location: Ohio United States Return Policy: as-is Price: Request a QuoteAdded to Request list Sheet-W (In.): 60 " Sheet-L (In.): 120 " Dimensions: 100' x 20' approx Weight: 2 machines, ~80,000 lbs Control: CNC (Salvagnini Syscon ) S4P4 In-Line Fabricating System MD-12 tower feeds from any shelf in 10 seconds No micro-joints No skeletons Parts are punched & sheared & stacked, or Parts are passed on to P4 Panel Bender Shear blade gap adjusts automatically to material Multiple-Ram Punch head with 65 tools 2 rotary index + 5 hydraulic dual-action emboss stations Integrated Right Angle Shear for ANY size part Automatic unload to stack or the P4 with, In-line Turn-Over Table ADP de-stack device for feeding P4 from a stack 6' x 5" x 14 gauge Panel Bender model P4-1812 MLA blank-holder CLA weld tab device and tooling Office Programming station Software to run S4-P4 in-line or as separate cells This Salvagnini S4P4 line is in good running condition and can be seen under power making good parts. Video is available. For making sheet metal panels, there is no better solution Price is very affordable, the owner is upgrading his equipment