SALVAGNINI L1-30 2.5kW (used)

Laser cutting

Updated: 08.12.2016 18:33:20

Year: 2001

Location: France

Machine state: used

Product Description

laser source: 2500 W Max. the blank: 3060 mm Max. the blank 1535 mm Min. the blank: 1000 mm Min width. the blank 750 mm Thickness min. the blank: 0.5 mm max weight. the blank: 500 kg Facilities: -Source ROFIN DC 020 Automatic -Désempileur mobile loading -Plan on the short side motorized -Lens -tête 5 '' -tête 2 " -Vacuum Fumes -Filters Active carbon -Medical Ecological refrigeration Year: 2001 visible video below on this page.