SALVAGNINI P4-2220 (used)

Panel Benders

Updated: 18.11.2016 18:20:50

Year: 1990

Price: €115000

Location: Spain

Machine state: used

Product Description


Folding length 2250 mm
Distance between uprights
Vertical stroke
Number of strokes per minute
Working speed
Axis number
Motor power
Length x width x height - × - × -
Weight -
Worked power hours
State revised
At local norms ---------
Status visible but unplugged


ASPA2420 - Feeder - evacuator Feeder / evacuator for the P4-2220 folding machine. Equipped with a central magnetic transferor with strap and a rule numerical control that automatically assumes the correct reference position for centering the format: the operator positions a format against the rule and the feeder then proceeds to move to the work plane of the folding. To receive the folding panel, ASPA2420 rises so that you can download in the background with spheres placed under the transferor; then returns to its original position, allows the operator easy recovery operation, using an arm moved by a pneumatic cylinder with drive pedal. Positioning operations format and discharge the panel are held in downtime. If the ASPA 2420 is preceded by a destacker or is in line with S4, transfer operations and balance sheet are carried out automatically. P4 - Folding machine programmable automatic machine for the production of sheet panels, by forming the largest number of folds in each of the four sides. dimension 2220.RD-LS.LI - Maximum diagonal format: 2400 mm - Maximum bending length: 2250 mm - Maximum plate thickness with tensile breaking load of 42 kg / mm2 in bending length of 2250 mm, 2 mm - Maximum plate thickness with tensile strength of 62 kg traction / mm2 in bending length mm 2250: 1.2 mm - Maximum height of folding on the worktable: 203 mm - Possibility of producing the first folding crushed to 180 ° (folding protection). - Programmability of the hold-down strikes in decline (folding protection not crushed) - Numerical control sheet dampened stop centering references format and pushers in both X and Z axes; automatic preparation of the table during the bending cycle to the next different panel. - Maximum number of bends on each side: free, unlimited. RD: Rotator batch at 90 °, 180 ° and 270 ° LS.LI: upper and lower blade standard (bending angle from 0 ° to 135 ° downward and upward, thickness 2 mm max) - Possibility of folding up and down, but the last folding each side must be upwards. The last fold on one side can be down but in this case, the panel is removed from the machine manually; if the DL option is applied, the panel can be downloaded automatically. - Possibility of folding lacquered or satin stainless steel sheet, protected with plastic film. - Hermetically sealed enclosure and provided with an automatic device for ventilation and temperature control of the internal power using external cooling installation. - Specifically designed and made by control unit: * Industrial Computer Digital PDP11 / 93 installed on a cushioned support inside the power cabinet * RAM Random Access Memory, 2 Mbyte * 1 mass memory disk SCSI Winchester 245 Mbytes used for the basic software and for the development and management of user programs * Floppy-disc drive 3 1/2 "double face - high density tape drive for TK50 cassette for the protection of user programs and system * 8 (opto-isolated RS232C) auxiliary serial ports for connection to a remote terminal or to an external computer * Multiprocessor peripheral system (NEC V50) for the power interface to electrical and electromechanical devices control axes, connection to the sensors, etc. * Diagnostic screen, in real time, with simple functionality for quick solution of malfunction during the cycle * Control consoles column provided with local alphanumeric terminal (screen + keyboard) Digital VT420 and control pendant * RSX-11M-PLUS operating system provided with the typical functions of Editor very useful for writing and correcting programs. - Programming: Synthetic high-level language developed by Salvagnini specifically for folding No separate systems for programming are required; computer and mass storage remarkable feature as standard CAM postprocessor providing automatic generation of all movements. Typical programming functions (input, modification, etc.) do not require stopping the cycle of work in progress and can also be done from a remote terminal via auxiliary serial line. GPA - asymmetric folding group P4 option consisting of a folding device, applied to the hydraulic system of the blade holder, in alternative to folding symmetrical group. The GPA is programmed to dispense the oleodimámica pressure in each cylinder which actuates the oscillation of folding blades; is useful for compensating asymmetries about folding axes blade holder or absence of sheet along the folding zone ensuring high precision folding. PB.U12 - programmable down-holder It is provided with: - A device for automatic preparation of the tool length down-holder, according to the instructions contained in the program. - A series of segments, for tool rammer, with a profile 109 mm wide and 53 mm previous evacuation, which allow for folded inwardly of max 50 mm. The rammer is composable tool in length, 3 mm increments, from a minimum of 396 mm up to 2250 mm. T - device for moving the additional tool Device for the automatic introduction of a special tool (replaceable) between pisador and counter blade, according to the instructions contained in the program. DL - Vacuum panel Device comprises a retractable arm slidable by counter blade driven by a toothed belt motorized; the evacuator is able to automatically eject the press to an unloader / conveyor belt with the last panel folded down. CLA - override blade P4 folder option constituted by a numerical control device able to place along the folding zone one or two auxiliary blades for modifying the profile of the lower blade during a phase of the bending cycle. The maximum thickness which can be folded with this option and 1.25 mm for sheet with tensile breaking load of 42 kg / mm2, maximum length of the auxiliary blades 800 mm. The folding blades are not included in the supply. Important: The application of this device reduces the maximum height 22 mm workable folding. SAP P2220 - unloader / accumulator for panels It consists of a panel with motorized rollers dimensions 3000 x 900 mm placed at the same height of the worktable and immediately installed to the right of the folder and a tilting table orthogonal to the table with rollers and provided with crazy wheels. It is capable of receiving and accumulating a number of panels at the output of P4, on the same side of the manipulator, that is in the front part of the machine. The panels are received one by one, are lifted and then slide by gravity on mad rollers placed along the tilting table and held before being pushed into the point damped encounter decreasing the inclination of the tilting table. In that position they can be removed later by the operator in operating safety conditions. The operator can position the unloader and the tilting table in 3 different working positions, according to the operation to be made: - Receiving panels from central magnetic conveyor P4 - Receiving an unloaded panel using the option DL - Allowing replacement of the tool T

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