SALVAGNINI Roboformer + PPEB 170/4270 (used)

Press brakes

Updated: 01.01.2018 18:21:42

Year: 2004

Location: Warren, Michigan United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

ID #: 310985 Brand: SALVAGNINI Type: Press Brakes Condition: Good Year: 2004 Control: CNC Seller: Show me who the seller is... Location: Warren, Michigan United States Return Policy: 30-day Stock #: 9233 Price: Request a QuoteAdded to Request list Tonnage: 190 T # Axis: 7 USED SALVAGNINI ROBOFORMER ROBOTIC BENDING CELL YEAR: 2004 Stock No: 9198 MODEL: RBF.L170-427.B6BSIW.BIIW.EFL.AR/KR1.OPC The Roboformer Robotic Bending Cell utilizies advanced intuitive software to orchestrate the movements of robotic loading, intricate bending actions, and unloading, all accomplished by one controller from one program. Powerful and intelligent software manages the entire robotized cell simply and immediately with optimized production times and without the need for robot training. Designed for companies that work with small and often varied batches, the roboformer takes production from drawing to finished product with utmost ease, without stopping the machine. The roboformer’s unique and advanced software uses a solid modeler and specifically designed user friendly interface that:  Allows solid drawings to be imported/exported  Manages an advanced tool file that can suggest press set-up solutions  Determines the optimum bending sequence  Anticipates potential interference and automatically generates optimized robot trajectories, optimized and synchronized press brake movements and workpiece loading and unloading Components: LVD Model PPEB 170/427 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake:  Bending force: 190 tons  Maximum bending length: 168”  Distance between housings: 150”  Stroke: 7.9”  Open height: 15.7”  Throat depth: 15.7” Equipped with:  7 Axis Computerized Controls (X, Y1, Y2, R, Z1, Z2, X2)  Hydraulic Clamping of both punches and dies  Easy Form Laser Angle Control System allows exact measurement of the angle during the bending process and transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC Control for recalculation of the depth adjustment to obtain the correct angle with no process interruption or loss of production time. Kuka Model KR150L110 Robot Complete with 6-Axis Movement  Rated payload: 110 KG (242 lbs)  Arm length: 1,500mm (59”) Equipped with:  Teach pendant control  Gripping device fitted with suction cups Centering station for initial blank orientation Regrip station Dual 53” x 158” Shuttle Table complete with Safety Barrier Curtains for Finished Product Unloading Guardian Light Curtains Heavy Duty Roller Cabinet Full of Wilson Precision Quick Change Tooling   190 ton x 14' Salvagnini Roboformer Robotic Welding Cell, LVD 190 ton x 14', 7 Axis Brake, Kuka 110 KG 6 Axis Robot, Dual Shuttle Tables, Light Curtains, Tooling, low hours (2004)