SALVAGNINI S4Xe.30 (used)

Punching presses

Updated: 24.11.2020 06:13:56

Year: 2011

Price: €876000

Location: Russia, Stavropol

Machine state: used

Seller: Energomera

Contact: Pavel Volchkov

Address: Stavropol


+7 989 989 3059

Product Description

work time – 44 500 h


General brief assessment of the technical condition:

satisfactory, see below

  1. Replaced units (assemblies, systems) no
  2. There are no units (assemblies, systems) no
  3. Additional installed equipment no
  4. List of detected damage: normal wear and tear
  5. Warehouse MD1 - in satisfactory technical condition, fully operational.
  6. S4X.30 Punching and parting center - in satisfactory technical condition, fully functional
  7. Unloading module IA - in satisfactory technical condition, fully operational

S4Xe.30                           Punching machine

H2                                   Operating head

HU22E                            Oleo-dynamic power pack

EI09                                 Lower cylinder

BU31                               Embosser

BU32                               Embosser

PP33                                Poly punch

PP34                                Poly punch

P2R36                             Double indexing punch

LBC                                 Automatic device for applying self-adhesive labels

CS5S                               Right-angle shear

DF                                   Sheet deviator

IA3015                            Automatic universal stacker

TC30155D                       Scissor table

R81E                               Water-air cooler